Centrifugal force lines

Scientists have only in recent history discovered the force lines that exist all around us.


A simple experiment was conducted whereby a bucket of water with a plate was spun up to high speed.

The centrifugal force causing the water to push towards the outer walls.


The surprise was the shape that formed in the center of the bucket of  water.

It was a hexagon.


The researchers found that once the plate was spinning so fast that the water span out to the sides, creating a hole of air in the middle, the dry patch wasn’t circular as might be expected. Instead it evolved, as the bucket’s spin sped up, from an ellipse to a three-sided star, to a square, a pentagon, and, at the highest speeds investigated, a hexagon.


The apparatus needed to see this strange effect is so simple that it seems surprising that it has never been reported before. Bohr suggests that either no one was looking for it, or they simply didn’t spin water fast enough.